Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Please check back this winter (2023), as we revamp this outdated FAQ page

The UCC is organized under the rights protected by the first amendment clause of the United States Constitution that states "the right of the people peaceably to assemble" is guaranteed along with the right to "petition the government for a redress of grievances".
The benefits of basic membership are:
  • When your constitutional rights are under attack, the community will come to your aid
  • A shared voice is a stronger voice
  • Basic education and training on the constitutions and civics
  • Service opportunities
  • Network with individuals and businesses that stand for law
  • For businesses: basic placement in a directory of freedom supporting businesses
  • Grow your influence
  • Initial constitutional-law consultations
Anyone that has rights which need defending in the state of Utah can become a member of the Utah Central Committee.
You can join in four ways
  • As an individual - Protect your home and family rights
  • As a business - Protect the rights of your business
  • As a religious organization - Protect your organization's right to worship according to your own conscience
  • Form your own geographically based committee with the same goals for your area and become certified by the American Committees Association which qualifies you for a committee membership under the Utah Central Committee
The "cost" of becoming a basic member is not financial, but a personal commitment to uphold the constitutional law of the land for all Utahns. In return for the benefits you receive you declare that in both word and deed you are committed to someone else's rights as others are commited to yours.
The following is the committment you make
  • Commitment to other people's rights, to respond to calls for help as you are able
  • Commitment to the law of the land (US and Utah Constitutions)
  • Additionally for businesses:
    • Commitment to keep your business open
    • Commitment to legal tender and constitutional money as you are able
In the future, there will be additional membership options with additional benefits and cost as our community needs evolve.

Your first line of support is your own personal group. You should have at least five close contacts in your own immediate area who can come support you in an emergency within minutes. Calling for assistance from the network will come after that.
Others in the network are willing to help you, just as you are committed to have a willingness to help others as you are able.
When someone is in need there will be notifications sent out explaining the help needed and nature of the issue.
We would expect members to respond according to their abilities. The actions of assistance could be done by yourself or a representative of your family or your business. This could include making phone calls on someone else's behalf or showing up in person to stand side by side someone else in their moment of need to defend their rights.
It might be as simple as making an effort to know what is within your capabilities to assist someone. Nothing will be regulated, everything will be on your honor as a member.

We trust in Utahns who love their fellow man, that they will act to help others as they appreciate they don't have to stand alone in defense of their own rights. We have already had success with our growing network over the last seven years and plan to scale that success as more good Utahns join.

No. The Utah Central Committee does not engage in political activities, campaigning, fundraising, etc. The purpose of the committee is limited to standing up for the lawful rights of the residents of Utah, insisting that both citizens and government officials follow the laws of the land in pursuance of the constitutions.